Every distribution is a little different, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, though we will not try your patience by documenting each one here.  For over a year now, our volunteers have worked mostly outside, often in far from ideal weather conditions, but the camaraderie, can-do spirit, and a healthy dose of humor more than make up for the hardships. On most days, anyway.




We expected to be busy for our special Thanksgiving distribution, but as things turned out it was next-level busy.  These pictures don't quite capture the lines around the block and thronging parking lot (our guests are entitled to their privacy!), but trust us, it was quite the scene.

Some eye-popping stats: 420 turkeys handed out, plus a sprinkling of hams, chickens and ground beef. Over 18,000 pounds - nine tons - of Holiday food in total. 446 guests.


Thank you to each and every one of our 43 amazing volunteers who worked their you-know-whats off to get the job done!

Thanksgiving Collage_edited.jpg



With her upcoming move away from Danbury, Hansel Scherwenik will no longer be a regular fixture at every distribution. Hansel has been an amazing friend of Daily Bread for over ten years, serving as a director, leader of our Guest Registration team, and always making sure we are doing the right thing. Quite simply, another Pantry legend! We will miss you Hansel, but also know in our hearts you will be back from time to time to make sure we are not going completely off the rails.



Birthday Girl!

If there is one individual that embodies the dedication, practicality, laughter and all-around greatness of Daily Bread's volunteers, it is the legend that is Sarah Swan. An inspiration to us all, Sarah turned 89 in October, an occasion too momentous not to mark with a little celebration at the end our distribution.



More Rain!

Colorful peppers and ponchos. But no one got struck by lightning, so all good. Just another day at the Pantry.

Rain Collage.jpg


Deploy The Tents!

Torrential downpour during distribution? No problem for the Daily Bread gang! Our volunteers opted for a variety of conventional and unconventional rainwear, but first prize must go to Miguel who showed up styling an haute couture garbage bag ensemble and a jaunty umbrella (which sadly was not quite up to the wind.)

Rain Crew Collage.jpg


Volunteer Gets Shot!

Thanks to the Danbury Health Dpt. and the great team from Community Health Center we managed to get a few more folks in our community vaccinated at a recent distribution.

We even had one of our last volunteer holdouts finally take the plunge! Way to go Gladys!

Vaccinartion Collage.jpg


Early in June, we were honored to welcome U.S. Congresswoman Jahana Hayes (CT-05) to one of our distributions. Rep. Hayes met many of our volunteers and showed a deep understanding of the food insecurity issues faced by our clients. As her advocacy and support for anti-hunger legislation clearly demonstrates, she is deeply committed to furthering our mission at the Federal level. It is very reassuring to know we have such a staunch ally in Washington. 

The icing on the cake for her morale-boosting visit was that Rep. Hayes and her team even brought along a very welcome donation of food, which of course we lost no time in distributing. Thank you!

Jahana Hayes Collage.jpg


Bread: Yep, We Do That!

Thanks in large part to wonderful partnerships with local stores, it is a rare distribution indeed when we do not have a plentiful supply of bakery items to give out. While certainly not the only contributors, the quantity and variety of baked goods donated by Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Stew Leonard's are worthy of special mention.

Then again, if we don't get the bread thing right, we might need to be looking for another name  : )

Surveying the latest delivery is Bakery Manager Pete Jeffrey, Pete also manages meat, dairy, Spaghetti-Os and anything else that comes out the left-hand door of the Pantry.



 Enabled by an extremely generous grant from Ridgefield Thrift Shop, we supplement our food distributions with personal care items such as soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. Thorough handwashing is one of the best ways to combat the coronavirus and we are so grateful to RTS for helping our clients keep themselves safe. Here's the gang getting ready for just another day in the office!



Woolly Hats and High Tech!

First distribution of the New Year! In addition to our usual healthy produce - and some healthy-ish snacks - we had warm and woolly hats, scarves and gloves to hand out. We even went high-tech thanks to a donated iPad Pro. Now our volunteers can sign-in and go through health screening in the safest way possible.




Two Chickens In Every Pot!

We expected a large number of clients to visit for our December 22 distribution and we were certainly not disappointed!  Along with what seemed like a farm's worth of chickens, there were apple pies, plenty of produce, and our usual bags of non-perishable staples. Thanks to the generosity of one very thoughtful donor, we also had some special treats sourced from a couple of local independent bakeries - Mothership on Main and La Mexicana.  Being able to support businesses in the community while providing a little extra cheer to our clients reminds us we are all in this together, and are so much stronger together than apart.

As always, we were blessed with our usual army of volunteers, without whom none of this could happen.  Pictured L to R in the first photo are just four - Patti, Jane, Marybeth and Susie - but we are so grateful to each and every one.




Thanksgiving is a little different for everybody this year but what isn't different is the generosity of our donors and the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.  On November 24, the Pantry gave out close to 250 turkeys in addition to our regular distribution fare

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 4.28.19 PM.png


First Pandemic Distribution

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit us we changed our distribution model from a "shopping" experience inside the Pantry to one where guests picked up pre-bagged staples, produce and meat outside. With guest numbers going from 60 or so each distribution to over 200, we simply had no other choice.  Sue Ann and Sarah might not quite have got the social distancing right this first go-around, and the Surgeon General was still saying no need for masks, but we learned pretty fast. 

Sarah and Sue Anne filter crop.jpg