Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Pantry. While we have about 200 registered volunteers, many are unable to work at the Pantry on a regular basis. Keeping those folks up-to-date with the goings-on at the Pantry is the main function of these Newsletters.  Even our core volunteers may sometimes learn a thing or two. Or at least have a chuckle.  If you are thinking of volunteering, or have a vast amount of time on your hands, feel free to take a look at our slender archive.

Sept/Oct 2021

Where's My Tent?

May 2021

Volunteer Survey

March 2021

Where does our food come from anyway?

January 2021

A look back at client numbers in 2020

June/July 2021

Safety First!

April 2021

Can Jaden get food from the Pantry?

February 2021

Who is in charge of this thing?

Civil Rights Training

Win a Tea Towel!