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We have a bit of a problem at the Pantry. And that is The Slope. One of the many drawbacks of The Slope is that everything placed on it - people, tables, pallets, etc. - must exist at a crazy angle. The Slope also explains why it is not uncommon to see anything remotely round - which unfortunately are most fruits and vegetables when you think about it - rolling merrily down the hill. Recently, a new disadvantage emerged - the legs of our aging produce tables started buckling under themselves. Apparently, their designers had rashly assumed they would only be used on a level surface. 

A debate ensued as to how to fix the problem. Some advocated simply jamming a pallet under the low-side leg. Others suggested turning the tables by 90 degrees.  Our very own Pete Jeffrey went straight to the root of the problem: if the tables were designed to be on a level surface, then they must be "tricked" into thinking that they were.  And so it came to pass that we are now blessed with the brilliant feat of engineering pictured below. Special mention to Assistant Designer Wendy Carlsen, who suggested some thoughtful enhancements to the prototypes.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 12.55.07

I believe that this Pantry should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this month is out, of putting a table on The Slope and returning it to storage safely

Pete Jeffrey


Pete and table support edit.jpg
Table support group edit.jpg

L to R, Therese, Jessica, Marybeth, Pattie and Alex admire Pete's handiwork

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