Woohoo! If you have volunteered at the Pantry in 2022, you can claim a free T-Shirt. And not just any T-Shirt.  These are limited edition, collectors' items, celebrating Daily Bread's version of the word game that was all the rage this year.  And if you HAVEN"T volunteered, or just want to buy a few extras for friends and family, they are available to purchase for a very reasonable $20 each. Order yours using the handy form below. For purchased shirts, you can pay when you pick them up (cash or check).

The shirts are slightly tailored ("slim fit"), so you might want to factor that in when picking a size. More sizing info here. Other questions?  Send an email to contact@dailybreadfoodpantry.com or call (203) 826-8252.

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Order Form

The first shirt is free for anyone who has volunteered in 2022! And/or you can purchase as many shirts as you like for $20 each (pay by cash or check when you pick up your shirts).  To buy more than two shirts, just submit the form again. Gracias.


Choose a size for your free shirt
Choose a size for first purchased shirt ($20)
Choose a size for second purchased shirt ($40 total)

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