We at Daily Bread don't like to hog the spotlight but once-in-a-while fame is thrust upon us.


The John Oliver Saga

In what must have been one of the bizarrest stories of the pandemic, talk-show host John Oliver took it upon himself to launch a random attack on the City of Danbury. Mayor Mark Boughton wasn't going to take that lying down, and much hilarity ensued. 

A truce was finally arranged, the terms of which involved Mr.  Oliver donating a large sum to Connecticut food insecurity charities, some of which found its way to the Pantry.

Click on the picture for NBC CT's coverage of all this (Daily Bread content starts at 1:20).


A 2020 News-Times article reported on the "staggering" need for our help at Thanksgiving. Click on the picture to read the article.


Raking Leaves to Help

Another News-Times article highlighted  the great work a group of .area teens who raised an amazing amount of money for the Pantry by raking leaves for friends and neighbors.

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 1.52.14 PM.png