Daily Bread Food Pantry is a food pantry in downtown Danbury. We have welcomed those in need, whatever their background or circumstances, since 1984.  Many of our neighbors struggle to provide food for their families and themselves due to illness, disability, job loss, low wages, or personal crises.  The Pantry has been able to help over the years only with the support of our caring community and dedicated volunteers. 

When we first opened our doors, we served a handful of clients from a single shopping cart.  Today, our Pantry serves 700 to 800 families once a month.  Almost 3,000 families visit us each year.  Our clients receive approximately 60 pounds of healthy food each time they come to the Pantry.  We offer a wide variety of non-perishable food items along with dairy products, meat, produce and, of course, bread.


We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and a member of the Danbury Food Collaborative, a consortium of pantries, soup kitchens and nonprofits who work collectively to have a greater impact on food insecurity in our community.

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