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Quick answers to our clients' most frequently asked questions. More detailed information can be found on the Visiting the Pantry page. We strongly suggest you sign up for our text messaging service to get updates and useful information about the Pantry and other social services. Find out more here.


When Can I Get Food?

Tuesday:        9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Friday;            9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

OR, if you are over 60 (or disabled), you can make an appointment to visit the Pantry on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Or you can request home delivery - no restrictions on eligibility but please only use this service if you have difficulty getting to the Pantry in person.


Where Are You Located?

Our Pantry is on Terrace Place in Danbury,

See Map,


How Many Times Can I Visit?

Currently, three times per month (a home delivery counts as a visit).  This policy can change and we can make exceptions if appropriate.


Do I Need ID?

Yes. You need to bring an official picture ID such as a driving license or passport.


What Else Do I Need To Bring?

The first time you visit, you need to bring a proof of address (e.g. a recent utility bill or bank statement). A driver's license is acceptable provided it shows your current address.


Can Anyone Get Food?

No. Your income must be below certain levels, depending on how many people live with you. See HERE for more details.


Can I Park Nearby?

Parking on Terrace Place is VERY limited. We strongly recommend you park at City Hall (a five-minute walk away). If you are a Senior AND have made an appointment to visit us, you may park in the Church parking lot provided you do not use a spot designated for Church staff.


Do You Speak Spanish Or Portuguese?

We have Spanish and Portuguese-speaking volunteers who can help.


How Much Food Can I Get?

Lots! Bring a sturdy shopping cart if possible.


Will I Be Reported To The Government If I Get Food?


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