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Daily Bread is operated entirely by volunteers. All volunteers have a say in how the Pantry is run, and most of the best ideas come from members of the team with no official leadership position. On a more formal level, our Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the affairs of the Pantry and sets its strategic direction. Some Board members wear two hats and hold executive officer roles as well.


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After a long career as a corporate lawyer, Peter finally found honest work volunteering for Daily Bread in 2018.

Being part of the Pantry's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and now the ongoing cost-of-living crisis has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.


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Marybeth has worked as a pre-school /elementary school teacher.  She began volunteering at Daily Bread shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19.



Not only has working at Daily Bread been a personally fulfilling experience, the dedication of our volunteers never ceases to amaze me.


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Limelight-avoiding  Kay (the photo is of her pooch  🙂) has worked for many years looking after the books of several non-profits and houses of worship. Most recently, she has led our initiative to update our accounting systems, bringing much greater real-time visibility and controls to our financial affairs.



Being able to help Daily Bread fulfill its mission to feed the hungry and food insecure is deeply rewarding, especially in these times of unprecedented demand.


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Board Member

Heather is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who works as faculty at UConn Extension here in Fairfield County. She currently serves on a number of food and nutrition committees locally, statewide and regionally. 

I am happy to support Daily Bread's mission as it is closely tied to my passion for nutrition and food security. I want all Danbury community members to have access to nutrient-dense, healthy foods. 


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Board Member

Sandra has held numerous leadership positions in public service, including roles focusing on healthcare and workforce development. She is currently the Deputy CEO for Latinos for Educational Advocacy and Diversity (LEAD).

Daily Bread's clients are often part of communities I have worked with throughout my career in public service. I hope by serving on the Board I can bring that experience to bear on furthering the Pantry's mission. 


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Board Member

Another long-standing volunteer at the Pantry, Juan has deep ties to the communities we serve and is able to provide valuable insights into their needs..

For me, Daily Bread is something of a local institution and part of the fabric of the neighborhood. It is a huge privilege to help further its mission.

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