To assist anyone who cannot visit the Pantry in person, each week we are able to deliver a limited number of food packages to your home. The amount and type of food you will receive is approximately the same as what you would receive by visiting the Pantry. This service is brought to you in partnership with Project Dash - powered by DoorDash. This is a new service, so please check back here regularly for changes.


  • This service is for individuals who cannot visit the Pantry in person because of age, disability, or work or family commitments. If you are able to visit the Pantry to collect food, please do so.

  • Deliveries will take place between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Wednesdays.

  • If you would like to receive home delivery of food, please complete the request form below.

  • Please note that home delivery slots are very limited. Submitting the form is a request only.

  • If a delivery slot is available, we will confirm your request as soon as possible by email.

  • Do NOT submit a request if you see a screen saying "No more delivery requests for [the next Wednesday] can be accepted." Instead, return to the site on Thursday to see if delivery slots have opened up for the following Wednesday.

  • To request this service you must be a resident of CT and live within 10 miles of Daily Bread.

  • If you are not already registered in our system or have not visited the Pantry for a while, we will need more information from you - we will let you know by email.

  • You can cancel a confirmed home delivery request by sending an email to contact@dailybreadfoodpantry.com from the email address you gave in the form to request food. Cancellations must be sent 24 hours before the scheduled delivery.

  • You do not need to be home to accept the delivery but remember some items you may request are perishable.

  • You may receive messages from DoorDash updating you on the delivery status.

  • A home delivery will count for one of your three allowed Pantry visits per month.

  • Questions or issues? Email us at contact@dailybreadfoodpantry.com or call 203-826-8252.


Choose what you want (subject to availability)