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Holiday Distributions

Our Thanksgiving distribution saw us serve what I'm pretty sure was a record-setting 446 guests.  We handed out over 420 turkeys,  plus a sprinkling of hams, chickens, and ground beef. Over 18,000 pounds - nine tons - of Holiday food in total. Even with tremendous support from our Food Bank partner, Connecticut Foodshare, this was an amazing undertaking. It'll be a hard one to beat next year, for sure.

Thanksgiving Collage.jpg

For Christmas - a major holiday for so many of our guests - we broke the task down into two distributions with special treats.  Although numbers were not quite as large as Thanksgiving, we did everything possible to make sure our guests had something special to put on the table. We even had a large selection of stocking-stuffer toys to hand out to our smaller guests, courtesy of the great employees at the Savings Bank of Danbury.

On Christmas Eve, there was even a little snow to add to the festive occasion, plus some holiday music and impromptu dancing from our more nimble-footed volunteers.

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