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Since the end of June, we have seen a fairly steady uptick in guest numbers. While the year-to-date trend is still slightly downwards, the line has flattened considerably compared with the same chart presented in the last Newsletter. It is very hard to be sure what drives our numbers - so many factors are at play - but while in June it seemed possible we might be seeing around 100 or so individuals at each distribution by the end of the year, it now seems far more likely the number will still be closer to 200.

With the support from Connecticut Foodshare, our Food Bank partner, and all the amazing help from donors and volunteers, I have no doubt we can meet any reasonably foreseeable sustained demand. But with numbers at current levels, any prospect of moving away from our "Grab & Go" model, let alone a return to in-Pantry distributions, still seems a long way off. 

That said, the Board continues to look at ways to better serve all our guests in this "new normal."  Stay tuned!

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