Volunteer Spotlight - November/December 2021

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In what is a long-overdue award, we turn the Volunteer Spotlight on a true Pantry character.  Not that Gladys Almonte really needs a spotlight, or a megaphone, to make her presence known. Gladys's now-famous catchphrase, "I LOVE YOU ALL" can be heard far and wide, certainly to neighboring towns, and it would be a brave soul to contend that she does not have a personality to match.

The perfect line-wrangler and warm-hearted shepherd of those guests requiring a little extra help,  Gladys will also readily throw herself in harm's way by directing backing-up trucks, whether assistance is needed or not. Gladys, we all love you too!

Now, it has come to my attention that those featured in this segment of the Newsletter could easily take the view that, being spotlighted is all well and good, but it hardly competes with the Nobel Prize in terms of monetary reward. So, going forward, spotlighted volunteers will receive an actual tangible token of recognition!  My first thought was to give them a gallon of expired hot sauce, which we unaccountably have a warehouse full of. But on reflection, I have decided to deplete my lifetime supply of the greatest hospitality how-to book ever written - I Like You, by Amy Sedaris. At the Pantry, we are all about hospitality, with a side of offbeat humor,  but we could all usefully brush up on our skills once in a while.  The book may not be to everyone's taste. but then neither is a gallon of expired off-brand hot sauce.  You are welcome!

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